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Class CodeGradeNumberPeriodTermYear
C00a Kindergarten (5-6 yr old)11:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Fall 2017
C00a Kindergarten (5-6 yr old)11:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Spring 2018
C00b Kindergarten (5-6 yrs old)21:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Fall 2017
C00b Kindergarten (5-6 yrs old)21:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Spring 2018
C01a 11 Intensive1:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Fall 2017
C01a 11 Intensive1:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Spring 2018
C01b 12 Intensive1:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Fall 2017
C01b 12 Intensive1:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Spring 2018
C01c 131:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Fall 2017
C01c 131:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Spring 2018
C01d 141:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Fall 2017
C01d 141:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Spring 2018
C01n 1st grade non-heritage Chinese11:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Fall 2017
C01n 1st grade non-heritage Chinese11:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Spring 2018
C02a 21 Intensive1:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Fall 2017
C02a 21 Intensive1:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Spring 2018
C02b 22 Intensive1:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Fall 2017
C02b 22 Intensive1:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Spring 2018
C02c 231:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Fall 2017
C02c 231:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Spring 2018
C02d 241:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Fall 2017
C02d 241:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Spring 2018
C02n 2nd grade non-heritage Chinese11:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Fall 2017
C02n 2nd grade non-heritage Chinese11:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Spring 2018
C03a 31 Intensive1:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Fall 2017
C03a 31 Intensive1:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Spring 2018
C03b 32 Intensive1:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Fall 2017
C03b 32 Intensive1:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Spring 2018
C03c 331:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Fall 2017
C03c 331:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Spring 2018
C03n 3rd grade non-heritage Chinese11:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Fall 2017
C03n 3rd grade non-heritage Chinese11:30-2:15pm 2:25-3:10pm Spring 2018
C04a 41 Intensive3:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Fall 2017
C04a 41 Intensive3:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Spring 2018
C04b 42 Intensive3:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Fall 2017
C04b 42 Intensive3:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Spring 2018
C04c 433:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Fall 2017
C04c 433:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Spring 2018
C04n 4th grade non-heritage Chinese13:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Fall 2017
C04n 4th grade non-heritage Chinese13:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Spring 2018
C05a 51 Intensive3:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Fall 2017
C05a 51 Intensive3:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Spring 2018
C05b 523:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Fall 2017
C05b 523:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Spring 2018
C05c 533:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Fall 2017
C05c 533:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Spring 2018
C05n 5th grade non-heritage Chinese13:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Fall 2017
C05n 5th grade non-heritage Chinese13:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Spring 2018
C06a 61 Intensive3:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Fall 2017
C06a 61 Intensive3:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Spring 2018
C06b 623:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Fall 2017
C06b 623:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Spring 2018
C06n 6th grade non-heritage Chinese13:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Fall 2017
C06n 6th grade non-heritage Chinese13:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Spring 2018
C07a 713:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Fall 2017
C07a 713:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Spring 2018
C07b 723:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Fall 2017
C07b 723:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Spring 2018
C07n 7th grade non-heritage Chinese13:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Fall 2017
C07n 7th grade non-heritage Chinese13:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Spring 2018
C08a 813:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Fall 2017
C08a 813:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Spring 2018
C08b 823:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Fall 2017
C08b 823:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Spring 2018
C09a 913:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Fall 2017
C09a 913:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Spring 2018
C10a 1013:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Fall 2017
C10a 1013:30-4:15pm 4:25-5:10pm Spring 2018
C50a Chinese in America, Discussion Panels12:25-3:10pm Fall 2017
C50a Chinese in America, Discussion Panels11:30-2:15pm Spring 2018
EACH1 Children Choir 111:30-2:15pm Fall 2017
EACH1 Children Choir 111:30-2:15pm Spring 2018
EACH2 Children Choir 224:25-5:10pm Fall 2017
EACH2 Children Choir 224:25-5:10pm Spring 2018
EACH3 Adult Choir33:30-4:15pm Fall 2017
EACH3 Adult Choir33:30-4:15pm Spring 2018
EADC1 Dancing I (younger students)13:30-4:15pm Fall 2017
EADC1 Dancing I (younger students)13:30-4:15pm Spring 2018
EADC2 Dancing I (younger students)24:25-5:10pm Fall 2017
EADC2 Dancing I (younger students)24:25-5:10pm Spring 2018
EADC3 Dancing II (For 4th graders and above)12:25-3:10pm Fall 2017
EADC3 Dancing II (For 4th graders and above)12:25-3:10pm Spring 2018
EADR1 Art Level I13:30-4:15pm Fall 2017
EADR1 Art Level I13:30-4:15pm Spring 2018
EADR2 Art Level II14:25-5:10pm Fall 2017
EADR2 Art Level II14:25-5:10pm Spring 2018
EADR3 Drawing Class, Beginners11:30-2:15pm Fall 2017
EADR3 Drawing Class, Beginners11:30-2:15pm Spring 2018
EADR4 Intermediate/Advanced Drawing Class/Photo Shop12:25-3:10pm Fall 2017
EADR4 Intermediate/Advanced Drawing Class/Photo Shop12:25-3:10pm Spring 2018
EADR5 Acrylic Painting Class, Youth and Adult (90 minutes)11:30-2:15pm Fall 2017
EADR5 Acrylic Painting Class, Youth and Adult (90 minutes)11:30-2:15pm Spring 2018
EADR6 Cake / Cookie Icing and Decorating (3:30-5:10)13:30-4:15pm Spring 2018
EHCH1 Chess I13:30-4:15pm Fall 2017
EHCH1 Chess I13:30-4:15pm Spring 2018
EHCH2 Chess II24:25-5:10pm Fall 2017
EHCH2 Chess II24:25-5:10pm Spring 2018
EHKF1 Kung Fu й13:30-4:15pm Fall 2017
EHKF1 Kung Fu й13:30-4:15pm Spring 2018
EHKF2 Kung Fu й12:25-3:10pm Fall 2017
EHKF2 Kung Fu й12:25-3:10pm Spring 2018
EHPY1 Pi-Yo for Adults12:25-3:10pm Fall 2017
EHPY1 Pi-Yo for Adults12:25-3:10pm Spring 2018
EHTJ1 Adult Taiji (1:30-2:30pm)11:30-2:15pm Fall 2017
EHYG1 Yoga for Adults13:30-4:15pm Fall 2017
EHYG1 Yoga for Adults13:30-4:15pm Spring 2018
EHZU1 Zumba for Adults11:30-2:15pm Fall 2017
EHZU1 Zumba for Adults11:30-2:15pm Spring 2018
ELCS1 Computer Programming11:30-2:15pm Fall 2017
ELCS1 Computer Programming11:30-2:15pm Spring 2018
ELCS2 Introduction to HTML and CSS12:25-3:10pm Fall 2017
ELCS2 Introduction to HTML and CSS12:25-3:10pm Spring 2018
ELCW1 Creative Writing (English) (Grade 4-6)11:30-2:15pm Fall 2017
ELCW1 Creative Writing (English) (Grade 4-6)11:30-2:15pm Spring 2018
ELCW2 Creative Writing (English) (Grade 6-10)12:25-3:10pm Fall 2017
ELCW2 Creative Writing (English) (Grade 6-10)12:25-3:10pm Spring 2018
ELPS2 Youth Public Speaking 1 (Grade 4-6)22:25-3:10pm Fall 2017
ELPS2 Youth Public Speaking 1 (Grade 4-6)22:25-3:10pm Spring 2018
ELPS3 Youth Public Speaking 2 (Grade 6-10)11:30-2:15pm Fall 2017
ELPS3 Youth Public Speaking 2 (Grade 6-10)11:30-2:15pm Spring 2018
EMAMC AMC 1011:30-2:15pm Fall 2017
EMMA1 Math 1 (For 1st graders)13:30-4:15pm Fall 2017
EMMA1 Math 1 (For 1st graders)13:30-4:15pm Spring 2018
EMMA2 Math 2 (For 2nd graders)14:25-5:10pm Fall 2017
EMMA2 Math 2 (For 2nd graders)14:25-5:10pm Spring 2018
EMMA3 Math 3 (For 3rd graders)13:30-4:15pm Fall 2017
EMMA3 Math 3 (For 3rd graders)13:30-4:15pm Spring 2018
EMMA4 Math 4 (For 4th graders)12:25-3:10pm Fall 2017
EMMA4 Math 4 (For 4th graders)12:25-3:10pm Spring 2018
EMMA5 Math 5 (For 5th graders)11:30-2:15pm Fall 2017
EMMA5 Math 5 (For 5th graders)11:30-2:15pm Spring 2018
EMMA6 Math 6 (For 6th graders)12:25-3:10pm Fall 2017
EMMA6 Math 6 (For 6th graders)12:25-3:10pm Spring 2018
EMMA7 Math 7 (For 7th graders)11:30-2:15pm Fall 2017
EMMA7 Math 7 (For 7th graders)11:30-2:15pm Spring 2018
EMMA8 Math 8 (for 8th graders and above)12:25-3:10pm Fall 2017
EMMA8 Math 8 (for 8th graders and above)12:25-3:10pm Spring 2018
EMSAT1 SAT/PSAT Math22:25-3:10pm Fall 2017
EMSAT1 SAT/PSAT Math22:25-3:10pm Spring 2018
EMSAT2 SAT/PSAT Math12:25-3:10pm Fall 2017
EMSAT2 SAT/PSAT Math12:25-3:10pm Spring 2018
V001 Bulldog SAT Verbal 1 (12:35-2:15)112:35-1:20pm Fall 2017
V001 Bulldog SAT Verbal 1 (12:35-2:15)112:35-1:20pm Spring 2018

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