Southern Connecticut Chinese School is recruiting enthusiastic Chinese Language teachers


  1. Native or near native fluency in Chinese.
  2. Strong passion for enhancing learning for all students.
  3. Prior teaching experience with children a plus.
  4. Work Authorization to work in the U.S. and/or Green card residency.

Interested candidates please send your CV and cover letter to provost Jianhua Shen (沈建华) or by regular mail to

Southern Connecticut Chinese School
P.O. Box 8296
New Haven, CT 06530

The Southern Connecticut Chinese School is committed to fulfilling their mission without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, ancestry or disabilities.


  1. 条件:

    • 可以在美国合法工作,是美国公民或持有美国绿卡和工卡。
    • 具有教学热忱和教学积极性。
    • 普通话流利,具有一定的中文基础。
    • 有大学学历,做过中小学语文教师的候选人优先考虑。
    • 有教学经验,特别是有中小学教学经验的候选人优先考虑 。
  3. 录用程序:

    • 教师的录用按学校统一的程序进行,由校长和教务长负责招录。一般的程序为:
    • 申请人提出申请,提交申请信,个人履历表,和两个介绍人 。
    • 校长或教务长与申请人面谈 。
    • 申请人必须通过关于拼音和汉字基本知识的过关考试。
    • 申请人参加新老师培训班,观摩教学。
    • 申请人做20-30 分钟的实时试讲,课本会事先提供 。
    • 学校会综合申请人的履历、试讲情况和当时的教室需求情况做出录用与否的决定.