Southern Connecticut Chinese School
Board of Directors

Board Of Directors and Administrative Staff(理事会/行政人员)

Term: July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017

SCCS Board of Directors

Chairman: Ji Tong

PTA Chair:Ying Peng

Director: Mitch Brown

Director: Jun Lu

Director: Zehua Xia

Director: Jing Zhou

Director: Min Ding


理事长: 童戟

PTA主席: 彭莹

理事: Mitch Brown

理事: 卢俊

理事: 夏泽华

理事: 周璟

理事: 丁旻

SCCS Administrative Staff

Principal: Junqi Ding

Vice Principal: Yingzi Wang

Provost: Jianhua Shen

Financial Director: Renee Luo

IT Director: Xinjian Guo

Financial Manager: Min Li

IT Manager: Pinxia Li

Office Manager: Liping Zhao

Office Manager: Ying Jiang


校长: 丁俊琪

副校长: 王英姿

教务长: 沈建华

财务总监: 罗荣丽

IT总监: 郭新建

财务经理: 李敏

IT经理: 李品俠

办公室主任: 赵立平

办公室主任: 江莺

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