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Our mailing address:

Southern Connecticut Chinese School
P.O. Box 8296
New Haven, CT 06530
校长 (Principal):

Board Members: (this e-mail address will forward e-mails to all board members. If you want to send e-mail to an individual board member, please find e-mail listed in the Board of Directors page.)

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Driving Direction:

Our Chinese School is located in the Engleman Hall at Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, Connecticut.

The official address of SCSU is:

501 Crescent Street
New Haven, CT 06515

The closest parking lot for Engleman Hall is off the Fitch Street (Route 10). Here is a pdf map for the campus. The Engleman Hall is marked with the star.

Driving directions from different areas:

From New York (via I-95):

I-95, Exit 44 (Kimberly Avenue, Route 10). Turn right at the end of the exit onto Kimberly Avenue, then left at the stoplight onto Ella Grasso Boulevard, Route 10. Ella Grasso Boulevard ends at Crescent Street, near the south entrance of the campus.

From New York (via Rt. 15, Merritt-Wilbur Cross Parkway):

Rt. 15, Merritt-Wilbur Cross Parkway, Exit 59 (Whalley Avenue). Head south on Whalley Avenue, turn left onto Fitch Street, which bisects the campus.

From New London:

I-95, Exit 45 (Ella Grasso Boulevard, Route 10). Follow Ella Grasso Boulevard north. Ella Grasso Boulevard ends at Crescent Street, near the south entrance of the campus.

From Hartford:

Wilbur Cross Parkway, Exit 60 at Dixwell Avenue. Head south on Dixwell Avenue to Arch Street. Turn right at Arch Street and left at Fitch Street, which bisects the campus.

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