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Support School(帮助我校)

Southern Connecticut Chinese School is a magnetic center of a large Chinese community in the New Haven area. The school has been determined as a 501(c)(3), a not-for-profit organization, by IRS. Our goal is to teach Chinese and to promote Chinese culture. To maintain a high quality school and to continue bring Chinese language and culture to the Greater New Haven area, the Southern Connecticut Chinese School needs your generous support. Your donation is tax-deductible. If your company can match your donation, your support can even go further. Please use the following information to make your pledge:

Charity Name:

Southern Connecticut Chinese School, Inc.

EIN: 20-4180579

Mailing address:

Southern Connecticut Chinese School
P.O. Box 8296
New Haven, CT 06530
Physical Address:
C/O SPAR, Engleman Hall A105, 501 Crescent street

If you MUST mail to our physical address, please contact the principal at or administration at so that we can give you a correct physical address to mail to. Thank you for your support.

Contact person: 校长: Principal

IRS Determination Letter can be found here.

Instructions for donation through United Way:
For any companies or organizations using United Way Coastal Fairfield County Office, like Sikosky, please make your pledge card specify that the donation go to Southern Connecticut Chinese School. Usually they will verify our status after they receive money. In order to speed up the processing, we will fax our determination letter and request to them right away. If you did not see our school name on the list, do not worry. As long as you designate your donation to our school, we will be able to receive the money. 
For the people works in the greater New Haven area, please designate your donation to our school by indicating that the donation goes to Southern Connecticut Chinese School. You don't need worry about the charity list and just write all information required (which have been given above) when you go though the process.
If your company or organization is not located in the above two zones, please let us know the United Way office name so we can contact them.

For BMS employees
For BMS employees, please go to BMS Employee Giving Program web site at, where you have two options to donate your money to our school.

1. Direct Giving, you can make a gift using a credit card or record gifts of check, stock or credit card payment made directly to the Southern Connecticut Chinese School and request the Foundation match.

2. Payroll Giving, you can make charitable gifts through one-time or ongoing payroll deductions. For this you need to act quickly, the open enrollment period starts very soon (Oct, 6) and ends up very soon, too (Oct, 31). At web site, you can find the guidelines for the whole process, and web site design is very friendly.

Many organizations allow their employees to make contribution to any recognized not-for-profit agency with a 501(c) (3) designation. Normally, detailed contact info is required to qualify the charity. Table attached below is a typical one that we use here and all the fields denoted by * need to be filled.

Here is the example pledge form:
Please provide detailed contact information for the charity of your choosing. The charity must be a registered 501(c)(3) to qualify. If the agency you are writing-in is determined NOT to be a recognized non-profit agency with a 501(c)(3) designation, your dollars will get diverted to a general fund. Please only use this feature if you absolutely cannot locate your charity with the search above!

*Charity Name:
*Address 1:
Address 2:
Contact Name:
*Contact Phone:
Federation (CHC/United Way of ..):
(* denotes required field.)

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