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[SCCS]12/8/2017: 恶劣天气学校紧急通知安排 In case of inclement weather



  K1,K2: 1:50-2:05 一年级非华裔: 1:40-1:50 一年一班和四班:2:40-2:50 一年二班和三班: 2:50-3:00



2.春节晚会主持人的报名就快截止,请大家抓紧时间。现征集春节晚会的节目单封面设计,凡是中文学校的非成人学生均欢迎参与,作品需和庆祝中国新年有关,请照相或pdf送往 ,截止时间1月14日,请保留原稿,稿件一经选中,将需要原稿,学校将给予礼品券奖励。





Dear SCCS members,

According to the forecasting, there will be a winter snow storm starting from tomorrow and ending this sunday. In case of school close due to inclement weather, we will make the announcement through school e-mail list, WeChat group and website around 10am, Sunday. Please check your e-mail or school website before you leave your home.

The store will open this Sunday

Thanks to PTA and all volunteers, the school store will open this Sunday from 1:30 to 4:45. Students can exchange goods with earned points. To prevent the younger students from any safety issue during shopping, the school arranges special periods for students from K and first grade. The following are assigned periods:

K1,K2: 1:50-2:05

first grade non-heritage: 1:40-1:50

Class 1.1, 1.4: 2:40-2:50

Class 1.2 and 1.3: 2:50-3:00,

The Chinese New Year Gala needs the program cover design

We will have the Chinese New Year Gala on Feb 4, 2018. We are calling for the cover design of the program booklet. Please e-mail your design to The deadline is Jan 14, 2018. If your artwork is selected, you will be awarded a gift card.

Classroom change

There will be classroom change for Zumba, Dance, Kung Fu this Sunday, please pay attention to the e-mail from the teachers of these courses.

Last Day of the Semester

Dec 17 will be the last day of this semester. I will be out of town that day. Dr. Yingzi Wang will be the deputy Principal that week.

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