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--1/14: 春晚个人节目报名和节目单封面设计的截止日期, 详情


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   Chinese New Year Gala at Lyman Center

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[SCCS]1/8/2018: 春晚个人节目报名及封面征稿即将截止

Time: 2018-01-07 21:51:29 -- Number: 272






春晚个人节目(只要不是由班级集体报名的节目均属此类)报名和节目单封面设计的截止时间为一月十四日,选中的封面设计将给予gift card奖励,请家长鼓励孩子参与,封面设计作品请寄春晚筹委会sccs2017gala@gmail.com邮箱,个人节目只接受录像报名,可以把video链接发到筹委会邮箱。详情请参考过去学校发出的通知。如果没有保留学校过去的通知,学校网站上可以查询:


Dear SCCS Members,

Happy New Year!

The school will start on Jan 21. Please be prepared for the new semester. If you need to switch, register, drop any class, please contact me.

We will continue to offer the History of Chinese Americans (a discussion panel). The course last semester was a big success. We will offer the course from 1:30 to 2:15. Please contact me if you want to register.

We are also planning to offer a course called Cake Decoration. We will have a very experienced teacher to teach the class. Please stay tuned for the further announcement.

The deadline for performing in Chinese New Year Gala is Jan 14. We are calling for the cover design of the Gala program. Please encourage your children to submit his/her design. The address to submit your artwork is

Best wishes,

Junqi Ding, PhD

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