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[SCCS]10/13/17:no school this coming sunday, class for choir is open for registration


1.由毕业于四川音乐学院、中国音乐学院的曾珊珊老师开设的唱歌课22日开始上课,地点B125,目前共开3节课:1:30-2:15, 4:25-5:10为两节儿童唱歌课,3:30-4:15为成人唱歌课。本学期一节课只收学费50元,曾老师除了曾在国内担任专业演员,还有在芝加哥担任“华星儿童合唱团”指导老师、并在“希林西北中文学校”教授儿童及成人声乐课的经验。如果你需要报名,请填写下面的表格 https://goo.gl/forms/sxbxaUR1vfImeLml1



3.21日晚7:30,将在耶鲁大学Woolsey Hall举办新诗百年回顾诗歌朗诵会,有多名知名的播音员、演员参与演出,22日下午,整个演出团队将到中文学校进行交流,请留意通知。






Dear SCCS members,

SCCS will not have class in the coming Sunday (Oct 15) due to the open house event of SCSU. We will resume the school on Oct 22.

1. We are starting children choir and adult choir course from Oct 22. The time for the choirs are: 1:30-2:15, 4:25-5:10: Children choir; 3:30-4:15: Adult choir. Please fill the online form to register at the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/Xuhq1r3TpPlOSF9f2

2. The students in the class of "Chinese in America, Discussion Panels" will have a field trip to Museum of Chinese Americans in NYC this coming Sunday. Let's wish them a great and safe trip. Thanks to support from MOCA.

3. "Listening To Poetry - Echoes of Civilization" will be at Woolsey Hall at 7:30 of Oct 21. Several famous commentators, actors and actresses from China will come to perform. On Oct 22, they will come to SCCS. Please attend the performance if you have time.

4. The SCSU Track and Field is sponsoring a 5K run on Saturday, October 21st. To register for the race: https://runsignup.com/Race/CT/NewHaven/BobCorda5KRunWalkandKids1KFunRun

5. Thanks to the work by Dr. Ying Jiang, the office manager, the safety patrol is going well. Please login to your account in school website to check your patrol schedule. Send e-mail to safety@ynhchineseschool.org if you have any question.

6. If you still have tuition fee due, please make payment to the office on Oct 22. Pay attention to the e-mail from finance@ynhchineseschool.org. If you have credit, the default option is to keep it as credit for further use. If you want to get refund, login to school website and make choice under "payment history" menu. To do nothing is considered as keeping the credit for next school year.

See you on Oct 22.

Junqi Ding

Southern Connecticut Chinese School

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