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[SCCS]07/30/17: 2017-18学年网上注册8月1日开通

南康中文学校2017-18学年9月10日开始上课(文化课9月17日开始),学校校历可以从网上查到。 网上注册8月1日正式开通,如果你已经是中文学校会员,可以直接登录你的帐号,进行网上注册, 并将Payment voucher打印出来,连同支票,寄到学校信箱:

SCCS, PO Box 8296, New Haven, CT 06530.


会员登录链接:SCCS Member Log in
如果你还不是会员或者忘记登录帐号或密码,请参照上面链接中的Login form下方的说明,IT的同事为你准备了一份网上注册指南,你可以从下面的链接: (新)会员指南 下载.
如果还有问题,请发信到 support@ynhchineseschool.org 查询。


  1. 学校将恢复家长轮流值班制度,为了能保证值班的顺利进行,学校收取$50的值班押金,学年结束的时候退还给完成了值班的家庭,值班的具体安排和细则将会另行通知。
  2. 学校将采用“无现金”制度,从新的学期开始,学校将执行“无现金”制度,所有的收费将只接受支票付款,这项政策是接受学校内部审计的建议,这不仅是保护学校的资产安全的一个重要举措,也是保证所有会员切身利益的一个措施,希望所有会员配合并遵守。2016-16学年的内部审计报告可以登录到学校网上后查找。2016-17学年的内部审计,将由理事会安排时间,请留意理事会的相关通知。
  3. 收费即时通知系统。从新的学年开始,学费如果入账,你将会收到学校发出的邮件,通知你的支票已经入账,并提醒你的账上余额,如果你寄出了支票两个星期后仍没有收到入账电邮,请及时和finance@ynhchineseschool.org 联系。


  1. 《在美华人历史》,由耶鲁大学法学院王畅同学设计并任教的课程(秋季学期),适合高中同学参加,也欢迎成人会员参加,这门课程曾经在春季学期试行,很受同学的欢迎,该课程采用授课和课堂讨论相结合的形式,让同学从历史事实出发,分析问题,同学不仅会从这门课学到在美华人奋斗的历史,而且从中学到分析问题并归纳总结的方法。
  2. HTML和CSS编程,这是超文本标记语言 (HTML)/层叠样式表 (CSS)入门课。本课的主要目的是让学生能够讲述HTML文件的定义, CSS框模型的具体应用,网页是怎样工作的,怎么创建,检查和验证HTML5/CSS3, 以及怎样链接创建的静态网页。由学校IT经理李品侠老师任教,适合中高年级同学。
  3. 健身课程。学校为家长准备了几个健身有关的课,除了太极、瑜伽课以外,另外增加一门健身课,欢迎家长参与。


[SCCS]07/30/17: Online Registration Starts on August 1

SCCS has published its calendar in our website and September 10 will be the first day of the 2017-18 school year. The online registration starts on August 1. If you are SCCS member and have an online account, you can simply login to our system and browser the online catalog, register classes, modify your information, etc. The link for you to login: http://www.ynhchineseschool.org/prod_v08/MemberAccount/MemberLoginForm.php

If you are not our member yet and do not have an online account, please register yourself first. After your account is approved, you can add your spouse and child(ren) to your family account. To help you understand the procedure of registration, our IT colleagues prepared an instruction. You can find in the following link: New Member Guideline.

If you have any question regarding your online account, please send your request to support@ynhchineseschool.org.

After you finish your registration, please print out the payment voucher. Send you check with the payment voucher to the school mailing address:

SCCS, PO Box 8296, New Haven, CT 06530.

Your registration fee will be waived if you mail out your payment by August 31 (post marked). A $30 bank fee will be added to your account for any returned check.

What's new?

  1. SCCS resumes the parent patrol program. Every family has the obligation to participate in the program. To ensure the program is well participated, the school charges a refundable $50 safety patrol deposit. The safety patrol deposit will be returned in May 2018 for these families who finish their patrol assignments. The details of the program will be announced in due course.
  2. SCCS imposes a “No Cash” policy. From now on, SCCS will ONLY accept check. No cash will be accepted. Please be aware that the new policy is the action to protect the school asset and to protect all members’ interest following the suggestion from the internal audit report published in December 2016. The audit report can be found in our website after login.
  3. Payment informing system: when your payment is received and recorded, you will receive an automatic e-mail from our system. Please maintain your valid e-mail address. If you do not receive the notification e-mail in 2 weeks after you mail your payment, please contact finance@ynhchineseschool.org directly.

New Course

  1. A survey history course of the Chinese in America Through discussion, lecture, and analytical exercises, students will learn about their predecessors in this country and why this 200+ years of history matters to us today. The course will be taught by two Yale Law School students, who will lead students through discussions and help the students gain analytical, critical thinking and speaking skills. The students are expected to actively participate in discussion and will present a final project on the last day of class. The course is limited to 9th to 12th graders.
  2. Introduction to HTML and CSS This course will introduce the basic concept of HTML5; the predominant markup language of modern web pages, and CSS3; the cascading style sheet language. This is an entry level course for web development. The primary goal of this course is to give students the ability to use HTML and CSS to code a web page, describe what HTML documents are, how to use the CSS Box Model, how a web page works, and how to code, test and validate a web page. At the end of this course, students should be able to use HTML5 and CSS3 to code static web pages and link them together.
  3. Exercise and fitness We have more courses for adult students to exercise. In addition to Taiji, Yoga, we also have a new fitness course.


Junqi Ding

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