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   Tips on The First Day of School
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About Our School(南康中文学校)


The Southern Connecticut Chinese School (SCCS) is devoted to Chinese language teaching. Established in 1995, with the help from the Calvary Baptist Church at New Haven and through years of the volunteered efforts of parents and a group of dedicated, motivated teachers, the School has evolved from a small after-school class with one teacher and several students to a non-profit educational institution of over 500 students from 40 towns in the Greater New Haven area.

Our school is a Mandarin-speaking Chinese school where instructions are conducted in Mandarin with standard Chinese pronunciation, simplified characters, and the Chinese pinyin. The classes are open to students of five years or older (K-10). Our goals are to provide opportunities for students to learn Chinese language and to understand Chinese customs and culture. We focus on teaching Chinese language, creating a healthy and productive environment where students can get together on a regular basis and practice the language. To maintain a balance between study and recreation, we offer courses in Chinese language, Chinese arts, and various cultural activities. During the academic year, all classes meet every Sunday afternoon from 1:00 to 5:00 P.M. in Engleman Hall at Southern Connecticut State University.

Elementary Level

Students learn standard Chinese pronunciation and phonetic alphabet, strokes of Chinese Characters, rule and order of strokes, commonly used structural parts and radicals of Chinese characters and word components and structures. Students will develop basic skill to recognize Chinese characters and build certain amount of vocabulary and to learn to read with the aid of pictures or read simple children's books.

Intermediate Level

At this level, we put emphasis on reading proficiency that train students' ability to recognize Chinese characters and increase their reading vocabulary. We also develop students' abilities to understand and use different words and phrases, in fairly difficult sentences. Students will be able to do simple writing with the aid of pictures or by observing subjects.

Advanced Level

At this level, students continue to develop basic skills of independent reading and writing in Chinese.

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