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[SCCS]11/17/2017: Thanksgiving season, keep the Southern U property clean and tidy

Time: 2017-11-17 21:22:33 -- Number: 268



五号停车场(Lyman Center后面)由于正在修整,这个星期日不能使用。



  • 如果通过Amazon购物,可以选择 进入Amazon网站,这样你还是支付一样的价钱,但Amazon会按照购货额一定的百分比捐给学校。
  • 给学校捐赠,学校是501(c)3组织,你的捐赠可以免税。你可以规划一下你的税务,如果适当的捐赠可以使你的缴税下调一个bracket,那不但帮助了学校,而且帮助了自己。
  • 尽量了解公司的福利,如果有可以捐赠或单位配套的福利,请充分利用。如果不了解如何操作,请留步办公室,我们可以为你详解。
  • 帮助学校拉一些赞助,尤其是对春节晚会的赞助。








We will have our regular classes the coming Sunday (Nov. 19). The school will be close for Nov 26 to observe the Thanksgiving holiday.

Parking lot 5 will not be available this Sunday. (The parking lot just next to Lyman Center).

Please support the school

It is Thanksgiving season. Please support our school if you can. The cost for the school has been increasing every year but the school management team tries our best to keep the cost to our members as low as possible. We are expecting more voluntary support from our members so we can keep the tuition fee low. The following are several ways to support us:

If you shop in Amazon, please use the following link to check your order out: There is any additional cost for you but a small percent will be donated to our school. Every penny helps.

If you are planning your tax, please keep in mind that SCCS is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Your donation is tax-exempt.

If your company has matching fund or other funding source, please help us to get these matching fund if you can. If you have any question how to make it happen, please stop by the office and we can discuss.

If you know any business who wants to reach out the Chinese community, please tell them to support our events such as the Chinese New Year Gala.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all these who supported our school before.

The warnings from Southern CT State University

We are luck to have the privilege to use the facility of Southern CT State University. But we have the obligation to keep the place clean and tidy. I got warnings from the university that there are many issues. Typical issues include: very messy classroom after use such as paper on floor, desks and chairs everywhere; lots of graffiti on painted walls and whiteboards, etc. Some students even vandalized the university properties. Please teach your child(ren) to protect the school properties, to keep the school and classroom tidy and clean. All teachers need to make sure the desks and chairs back to the original status when you are leaving for the day. If anyone sees anybody vandalizing university property please report it right away to University police at 203-392-5375.

Survey for the class: History of Chinese Americans

The rich history of Chinese in America spans almost five hundred years and continues to this day. Yet the important contributions of Chinese immigrants to the United States are often ignored in U.S. history classes. Now, Yale students have designed an innovative 12-week course for students at SCCS to give them the opportunity to learn this rich and poignant history.

The course is designed for 7th to 12th graders and is an ideal college-preparatory class as its structure is modeled after "college-style" lectures and discussions. Under the instruction of Yale College students, SCCS students will develop skills in public speaking, research, writing, and analytical thinking. 

If you want your child(ren) to take the class, please finish the online survey:

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