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--参加江苏省“首届海外华裔青少年华文创想曲作文大赛征稿”还在进行中,投稿截止日期:4/15/2018 --

--上海侨办有关 2018 年“鲁迅青少年文学奖”海外征文活动正在进行中,投稿截止日期:4/30/2018 --


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[SCCS]04/07/2018:夏令营、校刊征稿等等 Newsletter: Call for submission and summer camps, etc

Time: 2018-04-07 10:28:06 -- Number: 285


1. 离学年结束还有一个多月,本学年结束前,学校准备出版校刊(正刊和增刊各一期)。欢迎家长和同学投稿,学生作品请交给各位中文课班级老师,班级收集后统一交校刊组。绘画、摄影请提交高分辨率照片。高年级学生作文(4年级以上)需提交文本形式,低年级可以照片投稿。家长稿件请直接送。截稿日期:4月28日。校刊组欢迎家长和同学参与组稿、审稿、排版和校对,有兴趣的请和我联系。

2. 由全美中文学校协会和国内各地侨办举办的寻根之旅夏令营,还有部分夏令营即将接受报名,具体通知我们将及时转发到南康中文学校家长微信群里,请大家注意查收。南康中文学校为全美中文学校协会会员,会员号码为378。

3. 下面两则征文活动为转发信息,如果需要投稿,学校可统一投给主办方:

参加江苏省“首届海外华裔青少年华文创想曲作文大赛征稿”还在进行中,请大家踊跃投稿。 投稿截止日期:4/15/2018 。
上海侨办有关 2018 年“鲁迅青少年文学奖”海外征文活动正在进行中,请广大学生踊跃投稿。投稿截止日期:4/30/2018

4. 如果没有完成值班任务的家庭,请和办公室联系。

5. 8月6日至17日学校将在南康大学举办暑假夏令营,具体报名请留意学校通知。

6. 学校正和Bulldog Tutoring讨论,计划在8月6日至17日举办两周的强化SAT培训,这是专门为准备参加8月25日或10月6日SAT考试的同学而举办的强化训练。请留意学校进一步通知。



Dear SCCS members,

The school will have classes tomorrow (April 8).

1. We will publish two issues of newsletter in the end of this semester (one as a regular issue and another as a supplement). Articles, pictures, drawing, photos are welcome. Please send your submission to your Chinese teachers. We also welcome volunteers for the newsletter group. Please contact me if you are interested.

2. There are more summer camps organized by Chinese government for heritage students. I will forward the information to the SCCS parents WeChat group. Since the summer camps are only for heritage students, I usually do not translate their description into English. If you believe you are a heritage student but cannot understand Chinese, please stop by the office to discuss.

3. There are two Chinese essay competitions by Shanghai and Nanjing. Please read the item 3 in the Chinese version of this e-mail.

4. If you did not finish your safety patrol duty, please contact the school office.

5. We will host a summer camp as usual. This year, the time for summer camp will be from August 6 to 17. Please stay tuned for further announcement.

6. We are discussing with Bulldog Tutoring to have an SAT Enhancement Camp from August 6 to 17. This camp is particularly for these students who will take SAT on August 25 or Oct 6. The further communication will be followed.

See you tomorrow.

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